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Match Imbalance Survey
Volunteer Resources for Doctoral Internships: click here

Volunteers Coordinated through APPIC and Division 42: click here

Imbalance Meeting Report 2008: click here

Summary of Match Imbalance Survey 2009: click here

Psychology Internship Development Toolkit
Psychology Internship Development Toolkit document: click here

CCTC would like to invite anyone to send updates or additions for the Internship Development Toolkit so we can be sure it is up-to-date and maintain the value of these resources for all programs and training directors. Please send recommendations to: Lorraine Mangione, PhD at

CCTC thanks Dr. Mangione for her continued expertise.

Other Useful Documents
The Comprehensive Evaluation of Student-Trainee Competence in Professional Psychology Programs

CCTC Recommendations for Communication: click here

Recommendations for Practicum Policies: click here

Defining the Practicum: click here

Practicum Competencies: click here

Original Document: Assessment of Competency Benchmarks

Revised Documents: Assessment of Competency Benchmarks and Overview of the Competency Benchmarks Workgroup (on APA website)